EOY Editable Memory Book

EOY Photo Memory Book Preview

This is a Spanish End of Year Photo Memory Book. I used this Photo Memory Book at the end of the year in my pre-k, kinder, first grade and second grade bilingual classrooms. The first page is editable so you can change the title, grade, year and name of student. Then, just insert the pictures into each slide, delete the slides you don't need and create one for each of your students. For the EOY gift from me to my parents, I would create one for each one of my students, copy it to a cd and send it to parents on the last day of school. The pictures you will need by the end of the year are as follows:

August-First Day of School picture
September-A smiling picture 2 weeks later (Sometimes students don't smile the first day of school.)
September-Student working in centers or at their table
October-Student pulling out the insides of a pumpkin
November- Student helping build a scarecrow
December-Student wearing reindeer antlers
January-Student playing with either real or fake snow
February- Student dressed up as a penguin
February-Student working at his favorite center
March-Student dressed up as what he wants to be when he grows up
March-Student wearing my black graduation gown
April-Student posing outside near a tree or in front of bushes
April-Student holding his pizza he made
April-Student in their costume before our circus performance for parents
May-Student observing our butterfly garden
May-Student playing in the playground
Last Week of school-Student and teacher together
Last week of school-Student and assistant together
Total Pages: 21
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