Dental Health

Dental Health Preview

The profit from the purchase of this dental unit will sponsor my sister's mission trip to Jamaica in July. She will be traveling from Dallas, TX to Montego Bay, Jamaica to work with as many patients as possible to help them get the much needed dental care for free.

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Dental Health is a very important theme to teach any time of the year, although dental month is in February. The activities included are hands-on, fun, and engaging. Many of these activities can be put into a center after they've been introduced and modeled by the teacher. I have included some printables that can be helpful for some lessons, during testing or if you have a substitute teacher. Good luck and happy planning!

Dental Health
The activities can be modified for pre-k, kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade students

The activity ideas and printables are in English. It Includes:
6 Math Activity Ideas
7 Language Arts Activity Ideas
4 Science Activity Ideas
4 Social Studies Activity Idea
4 Art Activity Ideas
50+ Printables
8 page printable fill in the blank mini book titled “My Dental Hygiene”
12 full page writing journal
5 half page printable black and white mini book titled “The Happy Tooth” and a 5 half page printable black and white mini book titled “ The Sad Tooth”
28 full page printable color book titled “Learning about Dental Hygiene”
16 half page printable black and white mini book titled “I Visit the Dentist”

Total Pages: 141

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