La Primera Semana de Escuela

La Ultima Semana de Escuela Preview

La Última Semana De Clases is the ideal way to wrap up the school year and keep your students engaged during the last week of school. I have included fun activities that students love during the last week of school.

This packet also includes “Mi Libro de Recuerdos”, a simple 21 page memory book ideal for pre-k students. “Mi Libro de Fin de Año”, is a 15 page memory book ideal for kindergarten and first grade students. “Yo Aprendí” is a 70 page activity book with activities that will keep your students engaged and reviewing skills they learned throughout the year. This activity book is perfect to keep your students working and learning while you test or assess your students. You can use some of the activities to informally assess skills or you can print, copy and send home with students on the last day of school as a summer work packet. Please check out the preview to get an idea of what a great tool you'll be purchasing.
Total Pages: 137
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