Primavera Preview

Primavera is an ideal theme for the month of April. The activities included are hands-on, fun, and engaging. Many of these activities can be put into a center after they've been introduced and modeled by the teacher. I have included some printables that can be helpful for some lessons, during testing or if you have a substitute teacher. Good luck and happy planning!

Activities for pre-k, kinder and 1st grade

5 Math Activity Ideas
8 Language Arts Activity Ideas
8 Science Activity Ideas
3 Social Studies Activity Idea
4 Art Activity Ideas
2 Food/Nutrition Ideas
3 Parent Involvement
40+ Printables
14 page printable spring facts mini book titled “Las Maravillas de la Primavera”
12 page printable umbrella mini coloring book
12 page printable unillustrated mini book titled “Yo Puedo Dibujar La Primavera”
Total Pages: 93
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