Mes de la Historia Afroamericana

Mes de la Historia Afroamericana Preview

Martin Luther King Jr. Y el Mes de la Historia Afroamericana

5 African American heroes: Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, George Washington Carver and Harriet Tubman. This packet also includes information on Nelson Mandela.

Posters in color and in black and white
1 mini book on each African American and Nelson Mandela
Graphic Organizers for each hero
Poster on Diversity
Bingo with enough cards for 25 students

Some Skills Covered:
Social Studies Skills-Describe Holidays, Historical Figures, Compare Similarities and Differences among Historical Figures, Distinguish Past and Present, Understand Maps, Equality, Voting, Citizenship, American Freedom, Importance of Various Beliefs, Traditions of Communities, Sequence Information

Language/Reading/Writing Skills-Graphic Organizers: KWL Chart, Venn Diagram, Independent Writing, Text-Self Connections

Science: Diversity Experiment

Bingo: Assessment of Vocabulary, Students Participation, Listening Skills
Total Pages: 182
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