Cortar Pegar y Escribir

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Great work station for students to work on independently during centers, Daily Five, or to use with a sub. Students will read the word, cut out the letters on the bottom, rearrange and glue the letters in the correct order to form the word, and then write the word. These are kindergarten Spanish high frequency words that can also be used in pre-k with students that need more challenging work at the end of the year or in first grade as a review for students at the beginning of the year.

Words Included:
mi, yo, tu, un
la, es, veo, y
el, mas, fue, con
en, al, soy, por
del, se, mira, ella
que, este, como, hace
aqui, feliz, para, gusta
si, no, esta, puedo
va, las, son, mama
era, ser, muy, papa
le, toma, corre, tiene
busca, jugar, grande, bonito
ya, lo, su, esa
da, me, una, ir
de, voy, su, asi
tan, sus, vez, hay
ese, uno, mis, los
casa, todo, pero, usa
dijo, cada, come, alto
mucho, dice, algo, solo
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