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Cuando Yo Crezca

Cuando Yo Crezca includes activities that are hands-on, fun, and engaging. Many of these activities can be put into a center after they've been introduced and modeled by the teacher. I have also included parent involvement activities and food & nutrition activities. I have included some printables that can be helpful for some lessons, during testing or if you have a substitute teacher. Good luck and happy planning!

Cuando Yo Crezca
Activities for pre-k, kinder and 1st grade


9 Math Activity Ideas
10 Language Arts Activity Ideas
4 Science Activity Ideas
3 Social Studies Activity Idea
8 Art Activity Ideas
5 Food/Nutrition Ideas
3 Parent Involvement
75+ Printables
I Want To Be… Posters for 22 professionals
Posters Include: Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian, Scientist, Astronaut, Computer Programmer, Engineer, Teacher, Librarian, Writer, Judge, Artist, Singer, Police Officer, Chef, Firefighter, Coach, Reporter, Nurse, Pilot, Movie Director and President

Total Pages: 177
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